#HyperLife #Spatial Hashtags

李宜軒 Yi-Hsuan Li

指導老師:邱裕文 Yu-Wen Chiu 基地位置:中山區, 台北市 Zhongshan District, Taipei City 基地面積:1,000 m2 作品說明: 從消費社會興起後 符號消費被大量解讀 而我們的識別如何生成? 我們如何被慾望支配? 又是如何建立自己的慾望? 建立自己慾望後 生活又是如何重塑呈現? 傳統廣告為大眾傳播 而數位廣告透過大數據 來分析特定受眾需求 廣告主動找到接收者 Hashtag作為一種新方法 反轉了既有廣告推播的方向 建立自我定位 串起人為網絡 讓別人來搜尋你 Hashtags 建立自己的個性 做為樹立自我的破口 而空間版Hashtag就是一種 既平面又具有深度的空間 SuperFlat壓平了所有事物的區別 使深度消失了 我們需要藉由想像去推翻這種平面 因此SuperFlat看似扁平其實具有超級深度 SuperFlat 打破原始脈絡 顯影不同空間在同一個切面 使生活可被觀賞的一面顯影在大眾眼前 生活成為一場廣告 在城市中重新找回定位 樹立新生活樣態 建構城市中的HyperLife ! After the rise of the consumer society, symbolic consumption is widely interpreted. How do we identify ourselves? How are we governed by our desires? How do we build our desires? How is life transformed after we build our desires? While traditional advertising does not target a specific group of audiences, modern digital marketing uses data to pinpoint its target audiences. Hashtag, a new metadata tag preceded by the hash symbol "#" allows users to express an idea and attracts people with the same interest. It also brings the idea of modern advertising into people's daily lives and lets users find their best audience. Hashtag is a powerful tool that allows people to establish themselves and create characteristics. When we translate the property of a hashtag into a spatial environment, it endows the shallow space with a deeper meaning. Superflat is a postmodern art movement that flattens natural perspective, depth, and three-dimensionality. We must overturn the plane and recreate depth with our imagination. Only through the lens of viewing with our imagination can we fully grasp the composition that makes up the flat space. SuperFlat breaks down the traditional style of living and brings to the surface different spaces where people can share the observable side of life with the public. Lifestyle can be an advertisement that helps us find our position in the city. Establish a new lifestyle and construct a HyperLife!