根據本研究長時間與動物之家的訪查,發現目前台灣的動物收容所,80%皆設立於人煙罕至且交通不便的郊區,同時所內收容的犬隻數量也持 續超出負荷,如此擁擠的環境與條件造成了狗狗持續處於緊繃狀態的隱憂,也讓工作人員們的工作量增大,無暇顧及每隻狗狗的狀況。 woonder-land中繼站,希冀以模組化的形式設立於各地的市郊,讓流浪狗就近檢查分級,將暫時不適合送養之犬隻,轉送更合適的機構,落實 適當收容,更加入科技輔導機制以提升收容流動率。 According to long-term visits to animal shelter in this study, it is found that 80% of the current animal shelters in Taiwan are set up in the suburbs with inaccessible and inconvenient transportation. At the same time, the number of dogs in the shelters continues to exceed the load. The crowded environment and conditions have caused the hidden worries of the dog's continued stress, and the workload of the staff has increased, leading to less time to take care of each dog's condition. woonder-land relay station hopes to be set up in the suburbs of various places in a modular form, so that stray dogs can be checked up and graded nearby. The dogs that are temporarily unsuitable for adoption will be transferred to more suitable institutions to implement appropriate sheltering. Scientific and technological guidance mechanisms will be added to increase the containment flow rate.