光使我們能夠看清物體且感受到生命力,影子則容易被我們忽 略,但正因為有影子我們才能從光線下確認自己的存在。光與影雖看 似對立,但是卻有著無法撼動的連結,而宇宙與行星;行星與衛星; 自然與人類;人類與人類,又或者是網際網路,彼此間都有著無法看 見的連結。 星座則是由人類擅自將星星連結,賦予它們與彼此之間的關係, 而這些在夜空中看不見的連線如同我們與萬物之間無形的連結。不同 的屋瓦造型則代表著不論在何處、哪個國家,這些連結都存在著並圍 繞著我們。 - Light enables us to see objects and feel vitality, while shadows are easy to be ignored by us, but it is precisely because of the shadow that we can confirm our existence under the light.Although light and shadow look it seems opposite, but it has an unshakable connection, like universe and planets; planets and satellites;nature and humans; people and people, or the Internet, have an invisible relationship with each. Constellations are human connect the stars without authorization and give them a relationship with each other,These invisible connections in the night sky are like invisible connections between us and all things. Different shape of roof represents that these connections exist and surround no matter where and in which country.