原為觀影與聚會文化誕生點的老戲院,存在著關於電影文化的歷史價值,在市場競爭下逐漸沒落。新興影院使全台電影空間趨於商業標準化,漸漸失去影院獨有的儀式性。 全台電影文化保留較完整的一個老戲院 — 台南全美戲院。高文化歷史的空間卻很少有人主動進入認識。 此議題以空的影廳,可變動邊界的重疊框景,將原本封閉小戲院創造新的觀影形式並充斥電影文化語言於過度空間。讓老影院的老空間記憶保留並以新的樣態流傳至新世代記憶中。 The old theater, which was originally the birthplace of movie watching and party culture, has historical value related to movie culture and gradually declined under market competition. Emerging cinemas make the film space in Taiwan tend to be commercialized, and gradually lose the unique ritual of cinemas. An old theater with relatively complete preservation of film culture in Taiwan—Tainan American Theater. However, few people take the initiative to enter into the space of high cultural history. This issue uses an empty cinema hall and overlapping frame scenes with variable boundaries to create a new form of viewing in the originally closed small cinema and fill the excessive space with the cultural language of film. Let the old space memory of the old theater be preserved and passed on to the memory of the new generation in a new way.