Symbolism of Arch


主標題:Symbolism of Arch 副標題:Legal architecture 基地:新北市土城區土城看守所 學生姓名:徐家和 指導老師:孫珊美 自然中存在許多拱型,彩虹、落葉,到古早猿人所居住的洞穴,人們對於拱的印象與使用是深刻的,拱的印象與象徵從很早以前就存在於我們體內,而拱也成為人類史最原始的建築方式之一。人是很感性的生物,我們總會以空間對我們帶來的感受賦予其意義和象徵。 監獄中的牢房、監視與被監視、壓迫與被壓迫、人生意義上的死亡與重生,拱的許多特性與監獄所需空間相互符合。法院機能則有拱象徵意義上的神性與審判。而供一般民眾使用的開放空間,其自由的動線與拱形帶出拱的高自由度。這些機能都能具備拱的象徵意義,且能以拱強化其種種氛圍。 所以建築量體將會是個巨大的、倒梯形的塔型:以巨大的量體感震懾世人,且告誡世人犯罪的後果是非常嚴重的。它將會是個具諷刺性、隱喻感強烈,誇張的多機能式、新式復合的法治空間。 There are many arches in nature, such as rainbows and dead leaves, to the caves where the ancient ape-men lived. People have a deep impression and use of arc-hes. The impression and symbol of arches have existed in our bodies for a long time ago, and arches have also become one of the most primitive building meth-ods in human history. Cells in prisons, surveillance and surveilla-nce, oppression and oppressed, death and rebirth in the sense of life, many char-acteristics of the arch are in line with the space required by the prison. The function of the court has the divine nature and judgment in the symbolic sense. As for the open space for the general publi-c, its free moving lines and arches bring out the high degree of freedom of the arches. These functions can have the sym-bolic meaning of the arch and can enh-ance its various atmospheres with the arch.