Fashion Virus


作品名稱 Title: Fashion Virus_時尚品牌銷售空間暨展場設計 Fashion Virus_Exhibition Space Proposal for Branded Fashion 指導老師 Adviser: 陳拓男 基地位置 Location: 台中/西屯 Xitun/Taichung 作品介紹 Description: 時尚.病毒 社群網路、食、衣、住、行、育、樂... 等日常作為介質;我們都可能是時尚病毒的宿主。不追求,也被潛移默化的控制著。 群體模仿行為、追求社會地位象徵... 等消費者心理;加上網路聲量、曝光、媒體操作... 等行銷手法。時尚似乎剩下光鮮亮麗的軀殼,「爆款」、「熱銷」、「最新流行」等字眼充斥在消費者的眼底。 我們是被潮流淹沒,還是在潮流中悠然自得? 時尚.抗體 購物是歡愉且直觀的。創造體驗式的消費場域,在滿足慾望的同時,將服裝元素和構造體現在量體、結構和空間感受。人體之於服裝,即建築造型之於結構與空間。 將此基地做為台灣新銳服裝品牌的購物據點,以服裝中五個經典元素,詮釋五間品牌店面,並加入共同展演空間,完整新銳設計師於台灣所需的舞台。將時尚氣息提煉,融合於民眾日常,將時尚趣味性的潛移默化在生活中。 我們將擁有一塊浮木,在潮流中載浮載沉,卻以此為樂。 Fashion Virus Belonging to social networking, clothing, housing, transportation, education, music... and all elements of living, we may all be the host of fashion viruses. Not pursuing, but also being imperceptibly controlled. Group imitation behaviors, the pursuit of social status symbols bring up to consumer psychology. As Internet volume, exposure, media manipulation and other marketing techniques. Fashion seems to be left with a glamorous body shell, such as "popular style", "hot selling", "latest fashion". Those words flood the eyes of consumers. Are we overwhelmed by the trend, or are we at ease in the trend? Fashion Antibody Shopping is joyful and intuitive. Create an experiential consumption field. While satisfying desires, make clothing elements and clothing structures to space experience. The human body is to clothing, that is, architectural modeling is to structure and spaces. Let this site become a shopping base for Taiwanese cutting-edge fashion brands. Interpreting five classic elements of clothing by five different buildings. To complete the stage required by new and cutting-edge designers in Taiwan, also have the exhibition space in the site. Will be fashionable refined, integrated into the daily life of the people, and subtly embodied the fun of fashion in life. We will have a piece of driftwood, float and sink in the tide, but enjoying it.