如果____可以重來 - Grandma & Daddy & Me - 三代同堂聯展


Benedict Yu


2020-03-28 ~ 2020-04-12


群島國際藝術園區 Islands Art Park



「阿公齁,他以前都帶我出去玩,去很多地方玩...你不知道啦!」 「這件皮衣齁,阿公從美國買給偶的,現在還在偶的櫃子捏。」 「你爺爺抽太多煙,很早就去世了。」 「..你看這時候,爺爺已經生病了,他很瘦。」 “About Grandpa.. he used to bring me out, we went to many places to play.. you wouldn’t know” “This leather jacket, Grandpa bought it for me in the U.S., it is still inside my closet now” “Your grandpa smoked too much, he passed away very early” “.. you see, during this time, your grandpa was already sick, he looks skinny here” 阿公,我從來沒看過你,但是透過爸爸跟阿嬤,照片與物件,還有其他的人,我對你更了解了。 謝謝你的皮箱,我會好好用的。你市議員的勳章,我會帶在身邊。我不抽煙但是你的煙盒,我會裝我的畫筆。 如果我這次沒有翻照片,你應該不會在我的記憶裡吧?就這樣子,帶著不能重來的後悔活下去。 Grandpa, I’ve never met you, but through having conversations with daddy and grandma, flipping old photographs and other personal items, as well as gathering information from other people, I’ve gotten to know you better. Thank you for the leather case, I will use it wisely. Your badge from being a city councilman, I will bring it along with me. I don’t smoke but I’ll use your cigarette box as a container to keep my paint brushes. Had I not flipped the photographs this time, you would not have existed in my memories, right? And just like this.. I will live a life with regret that I can’t rewrite the history and start over again. 我: 「如果一切可以重來的話,你想對阿公說什麼?」 「…」 「…」 Me: “If you could go back in time, what will you want to tell grandpa? “…” “…” 我們這個世代,沒有一件事是完整獨立的,沒有絕對的對與錯,只有 「你不知道」 而已。 在整理自己的思緒、情緒和你堅持的真相時,這些都是由碎片式的訊息所形成的。碎片的訊息隨時都在改變,也會重新拼湊,而你的認知也會隨著時間而改變。當初跟爸爸還有阿嬤重新連結時,發現到事情沒有想像中的那麼簡單。 In this generation, there isn’t any event that is completely independent on its own. There isn’t exact standard of being right or wrong, but only the things that you don’t know. When you are recollecting your thoughts, emotions and the truth that you firmly believe in, you are actually gathering and putting together fragmented information. As Fragmented information is constantly changing and reforming, your understanding of things will also change with time goes by. In the process of reconnecting with my dad and my grandma, I started to realize that a lot of things were not as simple and easy as they seem. 一張張照片裡,呈現出我與爸爸和阿嬤的關聯: 阿公-人,中陽百貨-物(阿嬤以前的店),信仰-靈,科技(討厭但又不能沒有的介入),愛(Storge?Agape?),家國-我的雙重國籍與當兩次兵,以及更多更複雜的連結。 Each photograph reveals the connections I have with my dad and my grandma: Grandpa (human), Jong Yang Department Store (item, the store that my grandma used to own), belief (spirituality), technology (annoying but you can’t deny its interference), love (Storge?Agape?), countries (my dual citizenship and serving in the military twice), and other complicated connections. 在這次的展覽裡,每一件物件都是一個小碎片,都有它的意義與沒意義,也許你能夠 connect the dots,也許你發現一些其怪的地方,也許你不懂,也許也沒意義。但希望你記得,如果可以重來,你想為你的牽掛與自由做些什麼? In this exhibition, each item is a fragment with its own meaning or no-meaning. Perhaps, you might be able to connect the dots, or you might find some unsettled things. You might not understand them at all, or maybe these things don’t even mean anything to you. Nonetheless, I hope that you could ponder this question: If you can step back in time and start over again, what do you want to do for the freedom that you have and the things you truly care about? - 藝術執行協助單位: 曾嘉芊 - 導演, 編劇, 剪輯, 錄製 吳紅爐 - 藝術行政 李亦芃 - 物件存檔攝影 曉婷 - 開幕座談人 Sarah Tu & Samuel Ou - 文字編輯 Sarah Tu - 照片歸檔與掃描協助 Yati - 錄製 駐村單位與贊助 - 群島國際藝術園區




群島國際藝術園區Islands International Art Park


群島國際藝術園區Islands International Art Park

|創立 群島創立於2018年致力於將藝術帶入生活,期望逢甲商圈除了購物與美食之外還能添加藝術與人文的風氣。 |理念簡介 「 保持個體之間的距離,尋找群體產生的漣漪。」 “Everyone is an island, but we are not alone.” 我們相信每一個人都是一座獨立的島嶼,欣賞每一座島嶼不同觀點所產生的漣漪,在這裡每一座島嶼都不會覺得孤獨, 因為我們聚在一起,所以能創造出無窮的可能性。 群島國際藝術園區由老舊建築改建,目前擁有展演空間、表演舞台、視聽室、藝術家工作室、咖啡廳之外,園區還擁有宿舍提供給駐村藝術家,藝術家就住在園區裡,可以說是落實藝術即是生活。
Benedict Yu 游主業


Benedict Yu 游主業

Benedict是一位多方位的藝術創作者與研究者。他以往的作品涵蓋東方哲學與社會心理學。這次的創作中、Benedict特別與阿嬤和爸爸一起創作、嘗試三代同堂的計畫。過程中、他重新審視自己家族的複雜關係與歷史、以此重新去收集資料和建檔。Benedict歷來展覽地區包含倫敦、東京、京都、巴塞隆納、羅馬、新加坡、等地區的美術館與畫廊。 Benedict Yu is a multi-disciplinary art practitioner and researcher. His previous works explore Eastern philosophy and social psychology. This time during his practices, Benedict creates his works especially with his grandma and his dad, a cross-generation plan. During the process, he re-examines his family’s complicated history by collecting datas and archiving them. His works and research have been shown internationally in the galleries and museums of London, Tokyo, Kyoto, Barcelona, Rome, Singapore, and Taiwan. - Exhibition 2020 Solo Exhibition & Curator, If____Can Be Re-____ 如果____可以重來, Islands International Art Residency, Taichung Taiwan Collaborative Exhibition + Performance, Saffron 藏紅山海, Islands International Art Residency, Taichung, Taiwan 2019 Solo Exhibition, Are you Coming Home? 回家吧, 孩子, SPRMRKT @Cluny Court, Singapore Solo Exhibition, He Serves the Army Twice, Senso Gallery, Johor Bahru, Malaysia Duo Solo Exhibition, 午睡の夢のファントム, Flag Ginza Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo Group Exhibition, Mannequins and Puppets, Millepiani, Rome, Italy 2018 Group Exhibition, Human Rights? #EDU, Fondazione Opera Campana Dei Caduti, Rovereto, Italy Group Exhibition, What Goes Up Must Come Down, Carmel by the Green, London Group Exhibition, SAFESPACE (S), The Art Space, Singapore Group Exhibition, 一室一件, Shuan Gallery, Singapore Group Exhibition, Cylinder of Lights, Passion Art Festival, Bugis +, Singapore 2017 Group Exhibition, Contemporary Painting-Artistic Expression, Brick Lane Gallery, London Group Exhibition, The New Now, Gajah Gallery, Singapore Solo Exhibition, 歸 ,Taichung, Taiwan Collaboration Exhibition, For Those Who Believe, No Proof is Necessary. For Those Who Don’t Believe, No Proof is Possible, by Ivan Lam, Art Stage, Singapore Collaboration Fashion Show Exhibition, Yuan 源, National Museum of Singapore, Singapore Group Exhibition, Winston Oh Travelogue: Wanderlust, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore Group Exhibition, In Search of Ground: A Retrospective of the Local, Creative Cube, Singapore 2016 Solo Exhibition, The Conversation Between the Heavens and the Earth, Taichung, Taiwan Group Exhibition, Conversations Between the Echoes, Brother Joseph McNally Gallery, Singapore Group Exhibition, MULTI, Gallery Tomo, Kyoto, Japan Experience 2020 Selected Art Residency at Islands International Art Residency Programme 2019 Founder and CEO of Pillar Cloud Art Collective Consultant and Digital Marketing Specialist for Pan Xing Construction Company 2018 People’s Association, Passion Art Festival Director of Public Installations Opening Artist featured in Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art Magazine, Spain Works featured by DISINI – Gillman Barrack, Chan + Hori for Singapore Art Week 2017 Singapore National Gallery Operation Assistance Intern Student Ambassador of Fine Arts, Lasalle College of the Arts Opening Speech for, Winston Oh Travelogue: Wanderlust, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore Opening Speech for, Impart Awards & Christies Auction House, Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore Fashion Collaboration with Joanne Chan Official Fashion Collaboration with Joanna Lim, sponsored by Swarovski & Mediacorp 2016 Interviewed and article released as the Honored of Guest Artist for 2! Magazine, Vietnam 2015 Collaboration with Kaoru Mende, CEO of Lighting Planners Associates, Singapore