eyjar 奇幻故事插畫誌



eyjar - 奇幻故事插畫誌

eyjar為冰島文島嶼之意,我們的故事由島嶼出發,而冰島為目前全世界最落實性別平等的國家。2015年聯合國高峰會發佈17項「永續發展目標」,至今為止有相當不錯的進展,但其中性別平等的議題,卻還有更多進步與改善的空間。我們認為在現今多元的社會下,仍有許多人沒有意識到社會對待不同性別的人的不平等,因此以性別平權作為主題,用客觀的方式去看待這些問題。 Eyjar is the Icelandic word for island. Our story begins with an island since Iceland is currently the country that ranks first in the world in gender equality. In 2015, the UN Sustainable Development Summit announced its 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs). Positive progress has been made toward achieving these goals. However, there is still significant room for progress and improvement in the field of gender equality. We are firmly convinced that even in our pluralistic modern society a lot of people are still not aware of inequalities in the treatment of the genders. We therefore decided to choose gender equality as our topic and treat these issues in an objective manner. 主要載體為分享性別平權知識的插畫雜誌,編造出奇幻卻又貼近自身生活的故事,透過主角們在不同島嶼的冒險奇遇,來看那些現今社會上的不平等。用吸睛的設計和可愛的插畫,吸引讀者觀看,更加了解性別議題的知識和時事,減少性別之間的磨擦與不理解。 Our main vehicle is a comic magazine that disseminates gender equality-related knowledge by weaving fantasy stories that are also close to life. Through the prism of the adventures of the protagonists on different islands, inequalities in modern society are observed. We utilize eye-catching designs and cute illustrations to grab the attention of our readers and provide them with gender issue related knowledge and a better understanding of current events associated with these issues to reduce friction and misunderstandings between the genders.






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eyjar是我們2021年的畢業製作 喜歡可以追蹤我們的Instagram|o.o_eyjar_o.o


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