佛光大學 產品與媒體設計學系

整合科技與人文社會藝術教育,以人文、設計為基礎,電腦、科技為媒體,美學、商學為導向,整合創意設計、電腦科技和美學行銷等,展出創意產品、多媒體電腦動畫與相關產品和媒體整合之應用,展覽主視覺設計,融入動線規畫中,並融合展場分區設計:產品與媒體設計作品展示、VR互動空間設計等區域。展場內提供作品介紹螢幕,滑動螢幕即可引導觀者遊覽展區。展場內使用的展示架,採用可重複利用的金屬配件、木頭隔板,以可傳承的環保展架為主,創造能循環使用的展場空間設計。本次的內容跨足在產品與媒體,分為六大類作品,分別為產品、媒體、宗教、APP、繪本、VR為此次展覽作品分類。 Integrating technology and humanities, society and art education, based on humanities and design, computer and technology as the media, aesthetics and business as the orientation, integrating creative design, computer technology and aesthetics marketing, etc., exhibiting creative products, multimedia computer animation and related products The application of integration with the media, the main visual design of the exhibition, integrated into the moving line planning, and the integration of the exhibition zoning design: product and media design works display, VR interactive space design and other areas. An introduction screen is provided in the exhibition hall, and swiping the screen can guide the audience to visit the exhibition area. The display racks used in the exhibition hall use reusable metal fittings and wooden partitions, and mainly use environmentally friendly exhibition racks that can be inherited to create a recyclable exhibition space design. The content of this exhibition covers products and media, and is divided into six categories of works, namely products, media, religion, APP, picture books, and VR.

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